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Keeping up with the maintenance on your home or business can be overwhelming, but Bozeman Painting Company is here to make your painting tasks easier to manage. We are a team of experienced professional local painting contractors that works on a wide range of projects from house painting to commercial painting, ensuring that your property looks great year-round. Our team provides the expertise and professional equipment required for your specialty projects, including log home staining, interior and exterior painting, trim painting. We also offer professional cabinet refinishing and sandblasting. No matter the project’s size, our team is here to help execute your projects from start to finish.

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As one of the best local Bozeman, MT painting companies, we pride ourselves on the high-quality paint jobs that we provide for our region. We have specialized in a wide range of project types, from repainting living rooms to entire buildings. We are renowned for the professional quality of our workmanship. Our painting contractors use high-quality materials on all of our projects, as well as professional-level equipment. As a part of the community, we never cut corners when it comes to our work, ensuring that surfaces are treated with care from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior painting, we can help your walls and other surfaces look their best at all times.

Additionally, we want you to feel comfortable with our services, so you keep coming or give a referral to your fellow homeowners and business owners. We treat every customer special, providing individualized attention to detail so that your commercial or home painting project goes seamlessly. The business also uses the very best paints that money can buy so that all of your chosen colors are rich and vibrant when applied to the surface we are painting for you. While there are certainly cheaper paint products on the market, you will often find yourself using twice as many coats than with better quality paint, costing you more money in the end. This is something we desperately want to avoid.

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When you’re looking for a painting company that you can trust in Bozeman MT, you need to look no further than our experienced team. We have years of experience providing homes and businesses in our area with high quality painting services, including exterior and interior painting for both residential and commercial clients. Besides traditional residences, we also work on log home staining and general staining services, including work on property fences and cedar staining. To prepare surfaces for the next steps of work, we also offer sandblasting and pressure washing that clears dirt surfaces and readies them for fresh paintwork. We also pride ourselves in professional wallpaper application services, which is not all too common in our area. Wallpaper was trendy years ago but died down over the past 15-20 years in particular. Recently, it has started to make quite a comeback, and we are proud to tell you that we are the premiere wallpaper application specialist in Bozeman!

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The film formers include acrylics, latex, and varnish in water-based finishes or solvent. The products that do not entail pigments are considered as having clear or transparent types of finishes. Pigments would be added to the color stains or the paints to change the way the wood appears and to protect from ultraviolet rays. The newer coatings tend to be semi-transparent and acrylic blends which have a lot of flexibility. Oil or water-based products are great because they saturate the wood pores and prevent any water penetration. They usually contain drying oils or resins within transparent stains.

The advantage of these stains is they are repellent from water over the long term, so they do not trap moisture within the wood. It is much harder for the log to peel or blister during the short term. For penetrative stains, natural oil is an effective option at stopping water absorption into the wood. However, it can darken over time because they are organic and do break down. Some of the newer water-based systems are created from synthetic resins with additional zinc to deter moss’ growth, and there is good water repellency. One of the main benefits of synthetic resins is they do not break down in the same way as oil stains do. That makes the coats easier to apply as well. The penetrating finish would be ideal as a sealer considering it is easy to apply and maintain. We also perform cedar staining and provide barn painters that keep all types of unconventional buildings in top shape throughout our area.

Stain manufacturers have added several solid options and hues to their repertoire that even look like their paint counterparts. Though you need to consider the type of wood that the fence is constructed from and the current finish it is using before you make the final decision between the two approaches. For example, cedar is not the best option for paint and may even reduce the fence’s overall longevity. Rough sawn wood is going to need a lot of prep work if you are going with paint. An oil-based stain treatment would be the recommended method for this material. Though the former may not soak in as well with treated wood the same way it would if it was raw, pressure-treated lumber can use either stain or paint. It has to be dried out before staining.

We strongly recommend that you apply a healthy coat of stain or paint to your wooden fence at least annually. If you find that your fence drinks the paint or stain, you know that you have waited too long. By keeping a healthy coat of paint or stain on your fence, you will protect the wood’s integrity so that you can avoid the high cost of replacing or repairing a fence prematurely. Our fence painting team is very knowledgeable when it comes to preparing the surface of your fence before painting or staining it so that it adheres to the wood perfectly and provides adequate protection.

Our team of painters also knows the significance of completing each step in a timely manner before going on to the next part of their work. You will be surprised to see the technological advancements we are utilizing to ensure the quality of the result. From sanding to patching, the approaches we will use for your project are cutting edge to ensure it lasts for a long time. We are also committed to great craftsmanship and the use of high-quality products. From color consultation for offices and restaurants to detailing your exterior walls, our goal is to help your business put its best foot forward at all times. We are also experts in making sure that your company is not sacrificing revenue due to our painting services. We are very good at staying out of the way of your normal business operations, ensuring that you can carry on as normal as possible so that your customers are not disturbed.

It is relatively easy to do this with sandblasting because it does not entail the use of moisture in the process. The bare metal is hardly exposed to the environment afterward, and there is a coating to help facilitate that so that rust does not occur after the task has been done. Sandblasting may seem appropriate for surface removal, especially if you are doing prep for painting of metal surfaces, but like the others, this is a task that is better left to the professionals such as Bozeman Painting Company. We have the equipment and the training to do it in such a way that there is no contamination, and therefore liability in the long run.

Fun designs on the accent wall for the room can leave a lasting impression on guests. We can offer suggestions on subtle designs that will add some texture meant to pull the entire room together. One of the biggest challenges homeowners have when trying to apply their own wallpaper is hiding the seams. Fortunately, we know exactly how to install wallpaper, having set up a substantial amount of wallpaper in Bozeman for many years. Our wallpaper application specialist will ensure that your wallpaper patterns are straight and the seams are as hidden as they possibly can be so that you can admire the beautiful design of your wall rather than focusing on its flaws. This is a very challenging job that should be done by a professional if you want the job done right.

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