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Bozeman Painting Company

Exterior Residential Painting

Getting the exterior of your home painted can be a daunting process, with numerous hard to reach areas and environmental factors making it a project that is best left to professionals. At Bozeman Painting company, we have the years or residential painting experience that allows us to execute your home painting in the ways that you’ve envisioned it. From helping you understand the costs, to detailing work that complete the full look of your property, we pride ourselves on the quality work that we provide. With our professionals on the job, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

House Painting
When you’re looking for high quality house painting, you need look no further than our professional, experienced house painters. Particularly when it comes to exterior painting, completing a professional looking paint job can be complicated, with numerous hard to reach places often going untouched during amateur work. With our highly trained painting contractors working on your home, we guarantee that all areas of your home will be addressed from top to bottom. Our years of experience mean that we also know how to protect work in progress from unexpected changes in weather, as well as using the materials that protect your home from environmental damages that occur over time.

Cost to Paint A House
If you’re considering renovations on your home, one of your main concerns may be the cost to paint a house. At Bozeman Painting Company, we always provide our customers with honest estimates, never surprising them with unexpected add ons at the completion of the work. Our prices are fair and affordable, being primarily based on the size of your house, the paint selection and any special requests that need to be addressed. Special requests can include things like fence painting, sand blasting or hiring an additional barn painter – but no matter the project, our prices are designed to be affordable for all budgets.

In painting the exterior of a house, it’s easy to forget the small details, with items like garages, doors and windows often being improperly addressed. With our detail oriented services, we use our years of experience to manage these often neglected areas, detailing window and door frames with the attention that they require. By addressing these small aspects, we help you increase the curb appeal of your home, treating these spots to the protective paints and stains that help them stand up to the elements. In addition, areas like doors are often high traffic areas, with the frames needing special attention to ensure their longevity across day to day use.

Our Services
As local painting contractor in Bozeman, MT, we stand behind the quality of all of our work. Our professionals never cut corners, always using high quality products that will stand up to the wear and tear of our notably unpredictable weather. From protecting the areas of your home that aren’t being painted, to using the proper primers, to cleaning up post-work, we are a full service company that provides thorough work. Not only do we use the proper materials to weatherproof your home, but our pricing is affordable to every budget with our honest estimates being one of the many reasons our customers love working with our team.