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At Bozeman Painting Company, our goal has always been to provide our area with the widest range of high quality painting services available. Including commercial and residential painting across a variety of projects, we perform interior and building painting services that keep your property looking refreshed and like new. Our services also extend to specialty projects such as log home staining and fence staining that mange harder to address parts of your home. We even perform sandblasting to help clean and prepare surfaces before starting our paint work. There are no projects are team is unable to handle, including providing barn painters, ceiling painters and cedar staining services. With our wide range of expertise, you can always count on us to assist with your home or commercial property renovation projects.

1. Exterior Residential Painting

2. Interior Residential Painting

3. Log Home Staining

4. Fence Staining or Painting

5. Commercial Building Painting

6. Sand Blasting

While painting may seem like a project you can complete yourself, there are a number of benefits that using Bozeman Painting Company provides. Firstly, you’ll save hours of your time preparing and painting the area, including protecting furniture and areas adjacent to the location being treated. In addition, the average homeowner rarely has the professional tools and equipment readily available without costly rentals or new purchases. Our team not only provides a full service from set up to clean up, but incorporates our years of expertise to get the job done efficiently. You’ll quickly see your property looking better than ever, with minimal time of inconvenience while the space is being worked on. We not only guarantee the quality of our house painting but our customers benefit from our professional work for years.



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