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Fence Staining or Painting

Having a fence on your residential or commercial property can sometime require maintenance to help the premises look its best. With our fence painting and staining services at Bozeman Painting Company, our team is here with the full services you need to keep your fences on par with the rest of your property. We provide all the work you need, whether it’s staining a wooden fence or painting a metal fence that needs rust protection to defend it against harsh weather. Our painters also provide paint restoration and refinishing to match other, existing work that you wish to keep on your property.

Fence Staining

A wooden fence is a great way to add a touch of personalized design to your home, but also comes with the requirements of maintaining wood that’s in contact with our four seasons. With our fence staining services, we make your new and old wood fences looks rejuvenated with our professional stains. This stain work offers the benefits of protecting the wood against moisture and other forms of harsh weather, extending the overall longevity of the product. Prior to staining, our professional team ensures that the wood is properly sanded, cleaned and treated to extend the functions and appearance of our staining work.

Fence Painting

In selecting a fence for your property, painting is one of the ways to add an extra touch of customization while simultaneously protecting the structure itself. With our fence painting at Bozeman Painting Company, we provide paint work on a variety of fences, including wooden and metal materials. Whether you have a new fence or need to touch up rust spots on an existing one, our experts are prepared to remedy any problems you may be experiencing. When it comes to wood fences, paint can be a less expensive option than staining, allowing you to update the appearance more frequently. No matter which material we’re working on, our goal is to help weatherproof your fence helping it last longer and saving you money in future repairs.


When your existing fence is starting to look less than its best, our refinishing services are here to make it look like new. Whether you have a metal or wood fence, our painting contractors have the knowledge and materials to rejuvenate the structure. Ensuring that wooden fences are properly sanded and primed, we provide refinishing with both paint or wood stain. For metal fences suffering from rust, we clean the affected areas and use rust inhibitors to help prevent the issue from reoccurring. By repairing prior to the reapplication of paints and stains, we provide work that’s better than your average painting company.


If your fence has experienced damages from weather, frequent use, or any other number of factors, our team is here to help. We work on fences from wood to metal, removing signs of rust, splinters and old paint that can impede the appearance of the new paint or stain. Cleaning the surfaces before we begin our work, we guarantee that our work is detail oriented and the paint restoration is designed to match the original work. Providing the detailed finishing touches that complete the look of the structure, you can rely on our painting contractors to perform the work that you can count on.