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Log Home Staining

If you’re the owner of a log home, you know that your property requires a special level of care to maintain the beauty and integrity of the wooden structure. At Bozeman painting company we understand your needs, which is why we provide high quality log home staining to help protect your property. Providing the staining services that should be incorporated to your seasonal maintenance, our thorough workmanship helps extend the longevity of your home. In addition to log home staining, we also provide cedar staining for areas of your home that are constructed with this special type of wood.

Log Homes

Whether you’re a long time log home owner, or have recently purchased a home, making sure your home is properly and regularly stained helps it last longer and look better on a regular basis. With our professional log home staining we use high quality products that help protect your home against weather and other environmental factors. Our service attends to every detail from preparing the home for service by sanding and removing marks and other impurities, to applying the necessary number of stain coats to protect the wood. Using our special care process, we are here to make sure that your home is able to sustain through generations of use.

Staining Services

By working with our professional staining services, you’ll experience the numerous benefits we offer our clients. Always using high quality materials to protect your home, our clients are advised on the care processes that will best suit their property. Including the use of latex and oil stains, our products, equipment and workmanship are always top notch and guaranteed to last. Incorporating elements like sealants and weatherproofing materials, we not only want your home to look great but to last for a long time. We also provide log home staining for your decks and railings, making sure every aspect of your home blends together seamlessly.

Cedar Staining

Cedar wood can be a great addition to your home, containing naturally protective properties that fend off problems like insects and rot. However, when not properly cared for, it can fall into disrepair and loose the effects of its natural qualities. With our cedar staining services, our painters use custom materials that help protect wooden structures from weathering and other deterioration. Working to protect the integrity of the structure, we also provide the necessary additional services prior to staining, including caulking and sanding that keeps everything looking fresh. By using our services your cedar features will continue to look their best throughout their life span.


While every house requires some amount of maintenance, log homes need extra care in order to preserve the natural beauty of the structure. With our maintenance appointments, trained professionals examine your home looking for signs of water damage or other issues that can affect the structures or cause potential complications. Our inspections alert you to issues that may occur, advising on areas like roof junctions and ares that need to be caulked, cleaned, sealed or stained to prevent future problems. We recommend seasonal checks, particularly after our harsh Bozeman, MT winters, ensuring that our care care extends the longevity of your property.