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Sand Blasting

Aside from the painting services that we provide, Bozeman Painting Company also performs sandblasting on a variety of surfaces to help with your property maintenance. Our team uses professional grade equipment in all of our work, effectively removing dirt and grime and polishing rough surfaces. Sandblasting services are available for both residential and commercial clients, whether you need a large area addressed or small items in your home. With our experienced team performing the work, you’ll see your walls and other items looking better than ever. Let us show you how our services can help your home look its best.

Sand Blasting
While you may be familiar with the idea of sandblasting, you may not know the full range of uses this type of high pressure equipment can perform. Our trained experts use our sandblasting for a variety of uses, including cleaning built up dirt and grime as well as smoothing surfaces that have been damaged or otherwise worn. Sandblasting can also be used to treat metal surfaces, removing layers of rust to prepare the surface for repainting or other treatments. With our team performing your work both on and off-site, you can be sure that your items will be handled with care with this effective method of cleaning surfaces.

In performing sandblasting for our commercial clients, there are a range of projects that our technicians assist with. Sandblasting can be used on the exteriors of buildings, including commercial, retail and industrial spaces – returning them to looking like new. This process can also be used to prepare a surface for a new point job, as well as removing built up rust that affects the overall appearance of your property. Even issues like mold can be treated with sandblasting, being a part of some mold abatement treatments. Our team is here to help you understand the wide range of uses of this process to help you select the right treatments.

As an experienced Bozeman, Montana paint company, when we paint the homes of our residential clients we also offer advice on areas in which we believe our sandblasting services can help. While not commonly thought of for home treatments, sandblasting can be used to smooth exterior walls, as well as be used in conjunction with our fence services to help prepare the area for new paints. Sandblasting also works great on wrought iron or other metal fences that have problems with rust, effectively removing the build up. Accordingly, we also use sandblasting on lawn furniture or other durable metal surfaces that may have gotten rusty over the winter season.

Our Sandblasters
By working with our professional sandblasters in Bozeman, MT, our clients know that their properties and items are being treated with care. At Bozeman Painting Company, our technicians are always held to our high standards of performance, ensuring that the work is professionally executed. We maintain our high standards of safety on all of our jobs, ensuring that everything is performed in compliance with local regulations. Upon completion of the work, our team cleans up the work site, leaving your home with freshly cleaned surfaces and no residual messes from the work that has been performed.